As a taxpayer and resident of northern Wisconsin, Mary knows the frustrating complexity known as tax season.

As your state representative, Mary will continue to be a good steward of your tax payer money by simplifying the tax code, controlling spending, and keeping more of your money in your pocket.


Watching her children graduate from Tomahawk High School, Mary understands the utmost importance of our K-12 education system.

Most recently, Mary championed legislation that increases investments to less populated, rural districts throughout the state. Schools that have been locked into levy limits dating back to the ‘90s now have the opportunity to bring more revenue into their districts, allowing them to hire and retain the best teachers and compete with higher spending districts. For the sparse, spread out districts, sparsity aid will bring them more funding to help with transportation costs, allowing for money to stay in the classrooms.

As the world revolves around us, we’re seeing a society with an increasing need to fill high paying trades positions. Mary has worked to give students and communities a jump start through fabrication laboratories, or fab labs. Fab labs don’t just help prepare our children for tech schools and apprenticeships, they teach all of our students a hands-on approach and a can-do attitude.

Mary is a firm believer that all children should have the same opportunities to succeed no matter what zip code they live in or what their future plans are.

Senior Care, Family Care and I.R.I.S.

Being from a rural community, Mary understands how crucial it is to protect our seniors and disabled populations.

In the most recent budget, Wisconsin invested more money into programs that would keep our loved ones closer to home near family and friends. Family Care and I.R.I.S are state long-term care programs that helps frail elders and adults with disabilities get the services they need to remain in their homes.

In 2015, Mary fought to expand this program throughout the entire state to make sure we are taking care of our most vulnerable population. This time around, she worked to eliminate the waiting list for the Children’s Long-Term Support Waiver program, which provides Medicaid funding for children who need additional support in order to stay in their home and community.

Wisconsin is the only state in the nation with a Senior Care program, helping low income            seniors receive low-cost prescription medications. Not only do we have this program, but we wrote it into state statute so we never have to reauthorize it, assuring our seniors that we will always have their back.

Mary will continue to advocate for these transformational reforms that will help families who are struggling to make ends meet provide for their loved ones at an affordable price close to home.


Like many rural residents of Wisconsin, Mary has struggled with finding affordable, reliable internet. While broadband access has proven to be a challenge to many Wisconsinites, she has continued to push for broadband grants and innovative solutions to connect the state.

In the 2017-19 budget, Wisconsin increased broadband grants by $35.5 million, but that isn’t all we can do.

This session, Mary has pushed for outside of the box solutions like TV White Space technology, an opportunity that could connect the state with affordable and reliable internet. In January, Mary authored a joint legislative resolution urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to provide regulatory certainty to stabilize the market for equipment development and manufacturing, giving the potential to reach 80% of the rural population not currently receiving any broadband access.

You can read more about TV White Space here:


Our most honorable population are the selfless men and women in uniform who risk everything they have defending the United States of America. It’s easy to remember those who are currently serving, but it’s equally important to remember those who have come home and need our support.

Wisconsin has incredible resources for veterans, including the Veterans Outreach and Recovery Program (VORP). VORP was previously funded by federal grants to provide support to struggling veterans and current service members suffering from mental disorders, drug addiction, and homelessness. When the federal grants ran out, Mary made it a priority to extend the program with state funding, assuring that our honorable men and women would be taken care of for years to come. In addition, she worked to expand the program from 49 counties to all 72 counties statewide, giving every veteran regardless of where they’re from a friendly face to help lift them in their time of need.

Mary has been, and will continue to be, a voice for our brave veterans who need a helping hand to get back on their feet.

Health Care

This issue is near and dear to Mary’s heart. As a cancer survivor she understands the need for timely affordable access to health care, and she will continue to fight for solutions that benefit all Wisconsinites.

Most recently, Mary has been working on legislation that would allow for mid-level dental providers to work under dentists, increasing affordable access to dental care for all. Right now, Wisconsin ranks 50th in the nation for low income children’s dental care access. This legislation will help insure that   our children, seniors, and less privileged neighbors receive the dental care access they need, while lowering the number of opioids prescribed to dental patients who are forced to visit the emergency room.

Mary will continue to push for these common-sense solutions, while maintaining her quest to lower premiums, bringing everyone the affordable health care they need and deserve.